A Dietician Visits BSC

Surprise, she doesn't think we're all going to die of rickets!

Typical BSC snacktime!

-Written by Sharon Richter, RD

Have you ever been curious as to what fuels the staff at Blood, Sweat & Cheers? I was, so I made a visit to their downtown office in NYC to give you the 4-1-1, just in case they should be calling 9-1-1!

The company works out of a 6-8 person cubicle, tucked nicely in the back of larger shared office space. It looked pretty clean: one lap top per employee, a few boxes/bags of snacks, a bottle of vodka on one desk, and a six pack of beer next to a mini basketball hoop on top of a double raised filing cabinet (which is where I discovered all the hidden goodies).

When I started snooping around and chatting with the staff, I have to say I was impressed with their meal choices. Most start their mornings with Greek yogurt, berries, a bar, and coffee. As for lunch, I came across Founder Jonathan Ages' wholesome prepped meal (all credit due to his amazing wife) – which was composed of a super green salad (kale, sprouts, avocado, ...), a turkey sandwich with brie on a baguette, and two clementines and when left to his own devices, he seemed to keep it pretty clean.

I found the female on site, Assistant Editor Erin Kelly, munching on carrots, fruits and nuts and when asked about her eating habits at work, she gave a pretty thorough explanation."I try to bring only healthy snacks like carrots, fruit and nuts with me to work because I have a tendency to eat everything I bring, no matter how hungry I actually am. Basically, it's: no snack left behind. So I try to pack only healthy items that I won't regret eating later. I also tend to hit the gym after work, so I try not to eat anything that will leave me feeling sluggish at the end of the day." She definitely gets a gold star in my book!

What I was most amused by was the sad lunch rating Editor Jesse Brukman enlightened me with. It starts with a sad soup, then a sad salad, a sad wrap and the worst, the sad salad wrap – a complete disappointment. It's like a slice of chocolate cake and a diet coke, a pathetic attempt at being healthy and tasty!

But, as with so many of us, temptation can set in. There's that one day a week where the beers are flowing and if it goes a bit overboard, the next morning can easily begin with a fried egg sandwich. Not to mention, warmer weather is right around the corner, and with it brings the surplus of food carts that are just too hard to resist.

Eventually, I got the chance to check out what was lurking in the raised filing cabinet and it was actually not too shabby. Jonathan informed me that he always makes sure there are snacks around to avoid the 'hangriness' people get before lunchtime and near the end of the workday (yes, a made-up word resulting in anger from being hungry). He told me, "I started keeping a stash of snacks just for myself. They kept me awake and focused during my loooong workday. As the company grew, it made sense to buy more and share with the whole team. Keeping healthy snacks that taste good around and available was a small, yet simple way to show my coworkers that I care about their health and happiness. At BSC, we live what we do."

Overall, the choices in the filing cabinet were pretty good: KIND Healthy Grains and KIND bars, Cliff Crunch and Mojo bars, Lara bars, a box of Russel Stover Chocolate from Christmas- obviously not a hit as they offered it to me, and a bag of kettle chips for Marketing Director Jake Schonfeld's weekly sandwich accompaniment. They also kept raving about the KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt bar (shhh they might be missing one after I left!)

Overall, I think BSC is doing pretty well with their meal choices and snacks. My one tip would be to watch the high sugar/low fiber/low protein content of some of the snacks they’re eating as they are not nutrient dense and are leaving them feeling hungry, resulting in over eating and grazing in between their meals. A simple rule of thumb is to look for snacks that are low in sugar with at least five grams of fiber and protein (the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bar from KIND is a great option here). They also seem to follow my philosophy of 80/20; A majority of the time they eat well but are not going to pass on the wings and beers while watching March Madness, and nor should they!

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Tell a friend and win!