The Growler City Bike

J. Ruiter Design creates a truly inspired vehicle

Portable party

While insane car concepts have captivated hearts and minds for years, radical automobile design can't ever credit alcohol as a (direct) inspiration, what with "the law" and such.

Thankfully, bicycles have no such problem! And courtesy of J. Ruiter Design, we've got a concept bike inspired by a beer bottle.

The Growler City Bike is what a city cruiser would look like if it was married with the growler, that quintessential system of beer transportation all the kids are talking about these days.

While, yes, the bike literally has a growler holder as part of the frame, the design in general, from the color and fat wheels to the rounded lines, evoke the iconic big bottle.

And while you can't buy the Growler City Bike just yet, you can dream of a day when every vehicle has a booze holder, and our robot butlers can take the wheel.

J. Ruiter Design; Not available for purchase

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