Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer

Analyze your fantasy baseball trades before pulling the trigger

Another way to use your gut.

A good gut has many great uses. It's an armrest, a beer holder and a trophy commemorating years of cheesesteak consumption.

But when it comes to fantasy leagues, the gut is a terrible decision maker.

That's why we're relieved to have sports news site Fantasy SP and its free, number-crunching assistant GM on our side. The service's Trade Analyzer could be your new secret weapon. It lets you type in the players on the block and soak in a wealth of information before you commit to anything you might later regret.

The site covers the gamut of sports leagues, assigning players a score based on stats and individual and team performance trends. So it takes a mere glance to determine which player will be the most valuable addition to your team.

With fantasy baseball trade deadlines around the corner (ESPN’s is August 14), Trade Analyzer will help you save time, taking the guesswork out of crunch-time deal making.

Trade Analyzer makes digital dominance easy. Then you can finally put your gut back to its rightful use -- a storage locker for Cheese Whiz-slathered foods.

Fantasy SP Trade Analyzer; Free

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