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All a game of truth or dare takes is a few friends, some creativity and the ability to feel zero shame singing the My Little Pony theme song in your tighty-whities.

And yet, the Internet has done the seemingly impossible and made it even simpler.

TruthforDare, an elegant and minimal flash-based site, is the ultimate time-waster and a perfect approximation of what it was like to dare your buddies to eat dog food.

Users anywhere can leave such dares as: "Go in a public place in the middle of a crowd, fart silently, start discretely staring disapprovingly at the people around."

For "truth" choosers, you've got a place to anonymously post your answer. Meaning you finally have a forum to admit your love of Limp Bizkit's first album.

And unlike a real game of truth or dare, when you don't like a particular challenge, you can always click "next."

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Tell a friend and win!
Tell a friend and win!