A charitable organization gets you active

Awesome view beneath the George Washington Bridge captured by photographer Lindsay Taryn during a Great Saunter.

We write about a lot of adventure races, fun runs and obstacle courses that may, at first glance, appear too intimidating to jump into right away.

That's why, whether you're into marathons or just strolling down the beach, we've got a soft spot for Shorewalkers.

A non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving New York and New Jersey's shorelines, Shorewalkers has a calendar full of fun trail walks that don't require you to run or dodge a flaming barrel full of nails.

Our favorite is their Great Saunter, an event with an awesome title that is only exceeded by its tagline: "See Manhattan at 3 miles per hour!" It's an epic 32-mile stroll around Manhattan's coastline held every May.

If this all sounds too lame for you and you'd rather get your kicks bungee jumping out of a helicopter flown by an epileptic pilot, you can join up and donate to the Shorewalkers without sauntering a single inch.

Shorewalkers; Memberships start at $20

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