Red Bull Creation

Inventors try to shape the future without losing their fingers at this crazy competition in Brooklyn


When Red Bull slaps its seal of approval on a competition -- like the completely wacked-out Flugtag or the damn-near-deadly Soap Box Race -- you can expect balls-to-the-wall aggression and enough testosterone to drown a Clydesdale. That said, the king of energy drinks isn’t exactly known for encouraging intellectual pursuits … until now.

Red Bull Creation is a 72-hour competition that brings together 16 teams of mad inventors, hackers and tinkerers to build something incredible. To reach the upcoming final stage, teams made qualifying inventions (motorized hammocks, time-traveling radios) and now they’ll work side-by-side in a Brooklyn warehouse to spin their creativity into $10,000 worth of prize money.

To add extra pressure, the 16 teams will finish their projects on a stage in McCarren Park. Hordes of spectators are expected to be on hand to witness the invention of the next Segway or, at the very least, a mad scientist get mildly maimed.

'Cause, as your dorky grade school teacher said, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

Red Bull Creation; McCarren Park; Map; July 10

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