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Sent June 21, 2013
If you build it, they will come.

Watch how baseball was played in 1864 on Governors Island

Before baseball players started injecting each other with donkey serum, the game was special.

And you can catch a glimpse of...

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Sent June 12, 2013

Outrigger canoe racing comes to the Hudson River

Most things that are rigged—juries, the World Series, those metal-claw arcade games—leave us feeling gypped and cursing in front of kids.

But canoe racing isn't...

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Sent June 5, 2013

A handball tournament balls out in Coney Island

Among New York street games, handball—a sport played in an alley where fisting is an actual move—is one of the more obscure...

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Sent May 29, 2013
Rumble NOT in The Bronx

Catch the high-flying action of ultimate Frisbee

We're not sure how or why it happened, but at one time somebody thought, "Hey, hurling a spherical disc at my friend's face would be awesome!"

So the Frisbee was...

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Sent May 17, 2013
Big (heavy) blue bikes!

What's happening with the new Citi Bike program

We've been super excited about New York City's bike sharing program for months, and now that it's finally here (sort of), here's what you should know...

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Sent May 14, 2013
Get octagoned

Mixed martial arts finally gets officially sanctioned bout in New York State

Imagine if you could go back in time and watch the first boxing match in Madison Square Garden in 1925 – the cigar smoke, the cool clothes, the blood flying and staining your bowler hat...

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