Barefoot Training Sneakers

adidas adiPURE strips down your workout


The Federal Trade Commission's smack down on "toning shoes" was disillusioning. It created soul-shaking questions:

A) Can sneakers really improve physical fitness?

B) Will we ever buy shoddy products endorsed by Kim Kardashian again?

Turns out the answer to both those questions is a resounding "Yes." (We love our Kim K. tongue scrapers!)

The adidas adiPURE trainer delivers on the shady promises toning shoes never did.

Introducing the first barefoot sneaker built for indoor training, not running. The adiPURE's separate toe design allows your body to move naturally during workouts so you can strengthen muscles neglected by traditional kicks and improve balance, agility and dexterity.

While they won't give your butt magical — and fictional — properties, the adiPUREs are legit enhancements to your indoor fitness routine.

A routine that will, sadly, never include bouncing nickels off Kim Kardashian's posterior.

adidas Website; adiPURE sneaker; $90

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