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Stylish fitness apparel and gadgets to upgrade your fun.

Sent June 28, 2013

A bike that comes with cycling classes

How many times have you want to yell "I hate you and by extension whatever song your parents were listening to when they conceived you" at a spin instructor smiling their...

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Sent June 7, 2013
Hint: K means strikeout, not Kosher

This year, give your dad something he actually might not hate!

In this universe, there are certain Earthly constants: force equals mass times acceleration; objects in Earth's gravity fall at 9.8 meters per second squared; All dads love...

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Sent May 31, 2013
Turn your bike into a smart bike

A system to make your bike smarter

We've all been there on our bike commute: "Ugh, you stupid bicycle! Why can't you be more than just a bicycle! Like some kind of super bicycle!?"

Well now it can with...

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Sent May 30, 2013

Stay safe on the road with an illuminated bag

Not just a popular Bee Gees disco song, "Stayin' Alive" is also a mantra for cyclists, especially when cruising the road after hours.

Here to help riders achieve their goal without...

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Sent May 23, 2013
Put your butt on a Budnitz

Custom commuter bikes for everyday use

It's a fact that in the sweatier months you're going to end your bicycle commute in a moist pool of your own drippings. So if you can't look good, you better be sure your bike does!

And perhaps that's why you should...

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Sent May 10, 2013
Shoes with frickin laser beams attached to them!

Nike Vapor Laser Talon

You know that guy that shows up to your beer league armed with the latest in performance technology strapped to his body? You kinda hate him...but you want...

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