Stylish fitness apparel and gadgets to upgrade your fun.

Sent July 24, 2013

Intensify your WOD with this weighted jump rope system

And cue calorie-scorching cardio and upper body strength training available anywhere - your living room, local park... or even

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Sent July 3, 2013

BYOB just got easier

Since science says beer is just as good of a recovery drink as H20, it's both refreshing and...

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Sent June 28, 2013

A bike that comes with cycling classes

With a view of real riders and high-energy music, it's boutique fitness on your own time, without sitting in someone else's butt sweat...

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Sent June 7, 2013
Hint: K means strikeout, not Kosher

This year, give your dad something he actually might not hate!

A beautifully designed scorer's dream, the book contains 20 scoresheets and a starter’s guide on how to get into the mystical art of...

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Sent May 31, 2013
Turn your bike into a smart bike

A system to make your bike smarter

Replace your current Hello Kitty handlebars with a set of Heliosi and prepare to transform your Clark Kent of a ride into...

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Sent May 30, 2013

Stay safe on the road with an illuminated bag

Here to help riders achieve their goal without suggesting an unattractive, may-cause-blindness reflective vest is HALO ZERO...

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