Ask Roulette in NYC

A new confessional game show

Just like chat roulette, except fewer dongs and more interesting conversation

They say there aren't bad questions, just bad answers.

("They" is probably the reptile illuminati in case you were wondering.)

A new game here in NYC puts that axiom to the test. It's called Ask Roulette, and if you've got questions, these contestants have answers.

Here's how it works: strangers sit in front of a live audience and ask each other any single question they want. A screen separates the contestants — so they can't see each other — and pretty much any question is fair game. Mysterious!

Questions are submitted in advance and everyone is encouraged to participate. But you're more than welcome to sit back and enjoy the raucous Q&A as a spectator. Mooohahaha!

If this all sounds familiar to New York public radio listeners, that's because this game was first broadcast on WNYC's Brian Lehrer show, and the Housing Works' Ask Roulette host is a WNYC producer.

Who we promise is not a reptile overlord secretly plotting the overthrow of mankind … we think.

At the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe; Map; RSVP here; Free


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