NYC Pizza Run

A pizza-infused fun run in Tompkins Square Park

Pizza Run!

We know we're supposed to wait 30 minutes after eating to swim, but there's no rule about running while stuffing our faces and we fully intend to celebrate accordingly.

At the NYC Pizza Run!

Challenging esophagi and legs, the NYC Pizza Run is a unique experience fusing a fun run with binge eating.

Along the 2.25-mile route, which consists of four laps around Tompkins Square Park, participants stop at three checkpoints to devour a slice of cheesy goodness.

Mixing serious runners with Brooklyn hipsters just there for a free meal, there's no penalty for foregoing a slice.

But there's no reason to skip out on the deliciousness, either! According to race organizer and "pizza enthusiast" Jason Feirman, in the four years of Pizza Run success, there have been zero vomiting casualties.

Top finishers get prizes (like gift cards to local pizzerias) and everybody gets one post-race free beer at Common Ground bar.

There's no rule about drinking after running, right?

NYC Pizza Run; Saturday, September 21; $50; Register

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