Memorial Day Weekend Adventure

New York ZipLine Adventure Tours

woman on zipline

This Memorial Day weekend, you could dust off your Tom Wolfe suit, taking advantage of the summer's first socially acceptable opportunity to wear white at a rainy BBQ. Or you can swap those milky duds for a harness by taking a day trip to the Catskills for some high-flying zip-line adventure.

New York ZipLine Adventure Tours offers the highest, longest and fastest zip line experience in North America. Their signature "Skyrider Tour" 'aint for your pants-wetting little brother. It takes nerves of steel to stand 600 feet above Hunter Mountain and then willingly fly down it at speeds up to 50 mph.

NYZAT serves up more than just shots of adrenaline. Located two hours north of the city, it also caters to active sightseers. Their scenic highlight is the Mid-Mountain Tour, a three-hour canopy excursion featuring six unique zip lines, four rope bridges, and nine aerial tree platforms -- much like an Ewok village, minus the cuddly little warriors.

Still, it's more thrilling than trying to keep BBQ sauce off of your tux.

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