NYC Boat Rental, Simplified

SailTime's speed boat and yacht timeshare.


Times are tough. So tough, in fact, that many New Yorkers can't even afford their own yacht. Fortunately, there's an austerity plan for penny pinchers determined to spend the summer partying like a swashbuckling rapper -- on an F'ing boat.

Say hello to SailTime, a nationwide nautical timeshare company. With locations in Chelsea Piers and Long Island, SailTime let's you revel in the joys of boating without the plebian hassles of finding insurance, available dock space or an eye patch to match your Swarovski crystal-encrusted outfit. Starting at $5,000 per month, you can sail the seas using any watercraft in their fleet, including sailboats, powerboats or even a 52-foot yacht. Ahoy, Shawty!

Most basic membership plans give you the boat for seven days out of the month. So you can enjoy it every weekend or embark on one long voyage, in which you're free to shoot a rap video or party like a Minnesota Viking. Alternatively, SailTime's day rentals (starting at $550) are available to non-members too.

Once you've decided on a name for your boat (SS Crunk?), start filling it to the sails with booty. P-aahr-ty ahead!

SailTime Website; Membership details; Browse the fleet

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