Get fit without it feeling like  a workout with NYC’s most fun gyms and activities.

Sent March 26, 2014

Intrepid editor Erin Kelly tries out grassroots fitness

At 6:28am on any given Wednesday, most New Yorkers are still asleep, just waking up for work, or brewing coffee with zombie eyes. But at...

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Sent March 17, 2014

Best workouts for dates, broken down by relationship status

You know what they say: if you want to get to know someone, get them hot and bothered! JK, nobody says that...

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Sent March 10, 2014

Staten Island's team-based adventure race

Being independent is great. But some things—like ballroom dancing, wheelbarrow races and bank...

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Sent March 3, 2014

This obstacle course is an alternative to mud runs

We think whacked out obstacles might be the coolest thing to come out of muddy obstacle courses since...

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Sent February 25, 2014

NYC's Beach Body Workout Challenges

"Spring is coming," doesn’t have quite the same ominous forbearing as Game of Thrones' winter threat, but...

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Sent February 20, 2014

The NYC fitness scene teams up for a good cause

Here's a riddle: What's the one day of the year the world devotes entirely to fitness?...Someday! Okay, bad joke, but...

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