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Get fit without it feeling like  a workout with NYC’s most fun gyms and activities.

Sent October 28, 2013
soho strength

Boutique fitness gets an athletic twist

They say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

But you don't need to survive Typhoid fever to appreciate the value of...

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Sent October 21, 2013
adventure fit

An outdoor bootcamp designed for the adventurous

Some things just happen––like drunken hookups, accidents and NSA account hacks.

So it's good to always be prepared... no matter how...

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Sent October 10, 2013
A great run. Wait there's more

Become a better runner with small group training

When it comes to running, there are usually two types of people: the 5 miles before 8am crowd and the, "I'll start tomorrow" people.

If you're part of the latter but want...

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Sent October 2, 2013

A mud run fitness weekend in upstate NY

Helping teammates over walls, fireman carries, infinite high fives at the finish line... why not add shacking up to the mix of...

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Sent September 26, 2013

A New York City Bootcamp N' Brunch

Next time you want to stop in at McDonald's for that sausage biscuit and diabetes, know that you need not chow down alone!

Because Buns n' Biscuits is the weekend event that satiates your cravings for...

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Sent September 23, 2013

Discover fitness services based on your needs

In the age where people join Sock of the Month clubs (LOOK IT UP), variety is key.

And while the distinctiveness of your toe warmers is important, we're more concerned about your workout becoming a redundant sweat fest at the same...

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