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Sent February 13, 2014

Chose from 40 free fitness classes this Valentine's Day

Whether you’re flying solo or part of a gruesome twosome so in love you've started to dress and look the same, we've found...

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Sent February 11, 2014

Manhattan's first CrossFit gym opens a uptown location

The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. So CrossFit must be the opposite of...

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Sent February 4, 2014

Visitors bare all at this Chelsea Studio

Yoga is all about being uncomfortable. Instructors touch you in funny places, strangers stick their butts in the air and we all try...

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Sent January 28, 2014

A matchmaking service for fitness professionals and clients

Besides hunting for a well-adjusted dating prospect and catching a glimpse of Waldo riding a unicorn, they say the hardest thing to find in New York City is a good personal trainer...

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Sent January 23, 2014

Pregame the Super Bowl with a 4-mile run and football throw

If you haven't complained about the overpaid, underperforming players on your favorite NFL team, you either don't watch football or...

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Sent January 15, 2014

Spin class meets wild nightclub at DavidBartonGym

Know the saying, Dance like nobody's watching? Way easier said than done. If you're not quite ready to let...

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