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Sent April 1, 2015
Pillow Fight

People in cities all over the world will have a perfectly good reason to whack the bejeezus out of each other this weekend. Wanna fight?

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Sent February 20, 2015
World Arm Wrestling Championship

New Yorkers of all skill levels have the chance to compete for fame, fortune and glory... kind of. This is your chance to qualify for the World Arm Wrestling League.

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Sent January 26, 2015
Overthrow Booze and Boxing

This brand new underground boxing club in the East Village offers classes where fighters of all skill levels and from all walks of life, can train and drink like champions.

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Sent July 9, 2014

6 medieval ways to kill time while waiting for season 5

Fear not! We've found an arsenal of crazy fun GoT-theme activities that'll help you smite even the worst withdrawal pangs...and anyone foolish...

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Sent April 15, 2014

Massive toy sword fight comes to Central Park

Take warfare back by force at the NERF Sword Battle in Central Park. It's your chance to reclaim this lost piece of collective history...

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Sent April 3, 2014

Pummel people with bedding, anywhere

Your bedded fantasies are about to come to life, because International Pillow Fight Day will be unleashed on April 5!...

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Sent August 28, 2013
*Soap not included

Pack a punch with this high-tech punching bag

Instead of going toe-to-toe against a real opponent, avoid a beat down while still bulking up with the Nexersys home boxing gym...

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Sent May 14, 2013
Get octagoned

Mixed martial arts finally gets officially sanctioned bout in New York State

Imagine if you could go back and watch the first boxing match in Madison Square Garden in 1925 - the cigar smoke, the cool...

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Sent April 29, 2013
Get ready for the octagon!

Train like a UFC fighter at this NYC gym

The 6,500-square-foot facility offers over 50 mixed martial arts training classes per week, including boxing, kickboxing and...

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Sent April 2, 2013
Hit first, ask questions later

International Pillow Fight Day hits April 6

As part of the urban playground movement, cities all over the world will host their own brawls for individuals to whack...

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