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Sent October 1, 2013
Break on through

Workout with personal trainers for a dollar

Fitblok won't lace up your sneakers (that's up to you), but it connects you with real personal trainers and sports gods from around the world in almost every...

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Sent September 27, 2013

A pocket-size fitness tracker

Because if there's anything that can guilt us into putting down burritos, it's public shaming...

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Sent September 19, 2013

Get ready for your next mud run with this app

You'll be the leader of your wolf pack - despite the tightness of your jorts and limited masked peripherals...

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Sent September 11, 2013
We hear you Unhappy Cat

The new fitness app that packs a gym in your pocket

Packed with video demonstrations and step-by-step photo tutorials, the Fit Fix is every anti-gym junky's dream...

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Sent September 5, 2013
Don't eat cheese pizza and drive. It is hard to concentrate when your hands are covered in delicious grease!

A portable device that detects fat burn

The super wizard geniuses at NTT Docomo, a Japanese wireless carrier, have developed a prototype device that can tell when you're burning fat...

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Sent August 29, 2013
Performance enhancing app

Musical motivation for your workout

Citing a scientific study claiming listening to music is like "a legal drug for athletes," TempoRun enables runners to get a bigger high from their...

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Sent July 23, 2013
Don't get added to the FAIL blog

The music app that syncs to your workout

Combining a fitness tracker and a music player, GoTunes potentially delivers the best of both worlds...

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Sent July 16, 2013
Don't wait just to run in place

The app that keeps you out of crowded gyms

Nothing's better than finishing a day laboring on spreadsheets at your desk only to wait an hour to run a gym treadmill. Did we say "better"? We meant...

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Sent July 10, 2013
One of our missions is to make you say WTF at least once a week

An app that makes interval training a cinch

A simple yet beautiful timer, the Wheel makes solo interval training sessions actually practical. Simply program the number of exercises...

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Sent June 11, 2013

Customized personal training programs, for free

Quadfit customizes fitness plans with stretching/warm up, weight training, plyometrics and sprinting exercises, delivering a...

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