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Sent September 27, 2013

A pocket-size fitness tracker

They say the best way to stay fit is to keep a diet journal.

And while writing "Chipotle" five times a week is an eye-opener, it doesn't shame...

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Sent September 19, 2013

Get ready for your next mud run with this app

Mud runs and obstacle course races promote team camaraderie, plus they're a safe haven for dudes to wear jorts and Bane masks...

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Sent September 11, 2013
We hear you Unhappy Cat

The new fitness app that packs a gym in your pocket

Some people like the gym and love to exercise. Some people hate the gym but still love to exercise and their only option has been Jane Fonda workout tapes...

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Sent September 5, 2013
Don't eat cheese pizza and drive. It is hard to concentrate when your hands are covered in delicious grease!

A portable device that detects fat burn

If there's one problem with double cheese pizzas, it’s that there's no legal limit to their consumption (friends don't let friends drive greasy).

But now there’s the next best thing...

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Sent August 29, 2013
Performance enhancing app

Musical motivation for your workout

As vast and varied as your musical tastes may be, the hodgepodge of Justin Timberlake, Lana Del Ray and Snoop Lion that is your iTunes library isn't ideal when planning a soundtrack to your run.

So to avoid suffering through something weird or teary...

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Sent July 23, 2013
Don't get added to the FAIL blog

The music app that syncs to your workout

There you are at the gym, pounding out 375 lbs. preacher curls while running on a treadmill and wearing a 45 lbs. plate strapped to a titanium chain around your neck...and One Direction starts playing in your headphones. Suddenly...

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Sent July 16, 2013
Don't wait just to run in place

The app that keeps you out of crowded gyms

Nothing's better than finishing a day laboring on spreadsheets at your desk only to wait an hour to run on a gym treadmill. Did we say "better"? We meant...

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Sent July 10, 2013
One of our missions is to make you say WTF at least once a week

An app that makes interval training a cinch

Anyone who's tried interval training without the help of a trainer knows that performing brutal exercises and dripping sweat all over your smart phone as you try to....

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Sent June 11, 2013

Customized personal training programs, for free

The Internet is super useful for a lot of things. For example, cat videos, videos of cats and also videographic representation...

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Sent May 16, 2013

An app that keeps track of your draught choices

Engineers may be total nerds, but with all that time spent avoiding the opposite sex they've been able to create some pretty incredible things...

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