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Sent November 6, 2013

FitStar offers free charity fitness routines to combat man cancer

Growing a moustache this month can help raise awareness for the Movember Foundation, a charity dedicated to combating man cancers...

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Sent November 4, 2013
Push Workout App

A wearable fitness tracker that measures strength

PUSH measures force, power, velocity, speed, and tracks reps, sets, volume load and tempo (ugh, so much science!)

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Sent October 7, 2013
Get movin

New app makes it fun to get active every day for 30 minutes

Because 30 minutes of activity each day is all you need to stay healthy (assuming you're not sucking back Splenda packets and meth cookies)...

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Sent October 1, 2013
Break on through

Workout with personal trainers for a dollar

Fitblok won't lace up your sneakers (that's up to you), but it connects you with real personal trainers and sports gods from around the world in almost every...

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Sent September 27, 2013

A pocket-size fitness tracker

Because if there's anything that can guilt us into putting down burritos, it's public shaming...

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Sent September 19, 2013

Get ready for your next mud run with this app

You'll be the leader of your wolf pack - despite the tightness of your jorts and limited masked peripherals...

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Sent September 11, 2013
We hear you Unhappy Cat

The new fitness app that packs a gym in your pocket

Packed with video demonstrations and step-by-step photo tutorials, the Fit Fix is every anti-gym junky's dream...

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Sent September 5, 2013
Don't eat cheese pizza and drive. It is hard to concentrate when your hands are covered in delicious grease!

A portable device that detects fat burn

The super wizard geniuses at NTT Docomo, a Japanese wireless carrier, have developed a prototype device that can tell when you're burning fat...

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Sent August 29, 2013
Performance enhancing app

Musical motivation for your workout

Citing a scientific study claiming listening to music is like "a legal drug for athletes," TempoRun enables runners to get a bigger high from their...

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Sent July 23, 2013
Don't get added to the FAIL blog

The music app that syncs to your workout

Combining a fitness tracker and a music player, GoTunes potentially delivers the best of both worlds...

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