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Sent June 26, 2014

Group workouts in the sand make summer even hotter

We've been dreaming about the beach since...well, we never stopped. And though our...

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Sent May 6, 2014

Make ancient history at this Spartan Race workout camp

You don’t have to travel all the way to Greece to create your own real-life version of the movie, 300. It turns out you can get...

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Sent April 8, 2014

SEALFIT puts you through Special Operations training

We enjoy a good sweat session. (By "sweat session" we mean a casual run followed by a few beers.) But if you're looking to...

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Sent January 13, 2014
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Our totally unscientific fitness personality flow chart

Part of our job is to find new, exciting and sweaty (read: excitingly sweaty?!) ways for you to get fit. When we saw the...

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Sent January 13, 2014
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A fitness flowchart for the NYC workout scene

The New York City fitness scene is a crowded one—and it's our job to help you navigate through it. So instead of relying on...

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Sent October 28, 2013
soho strength

Boutique fitness gets an athletic twist

They say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

But you don't need to survive Typhoid fever to appreciate the value of...

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Sent August 13, 2013
Three days of Spartan lifestyle training

Three days of Spartan lifestyle training

You know what they say: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! No, seriously—go live with them for three days, copy their lifestyle, eat their food and shove their mud in your face. ....

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Sent July 19, 2013
suzy hotrod

Gotham Girls kick off two-day boot camp

Holding hands around campfires, Color Wars and weird animal sacrifices belong to summer camps of the past (you know...

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Sent July 15, 2013

Train like a soldier at Pure Power Boot Camp

Always wanted to join the army, minus the whole "extremely dangerous and maybe dying" part?

Now you...

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Sent June 17, 2013

Run a military-themed obstacle course in Brooklyn

Between peanut allergies and nationwide gluten hysteria, most aren't cutout for the military.

But you can get a taste of barrack life this fall at the...

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