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Sent November 5, 2013

Break a Guinness World Record in the heart of NYC

Think all of the fun world records--like most watermelons head-crushed in one minute--are taken?

Nah, there are more still up for grabs!

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Sent June 14, 2013
The Cowgirl Way Society

Take over the city with a weekend of social sports and games

Field day: simultaneously the best (no class!) and most terrifying (WHAT IF OUR TUG OF WAR TEAM HAS A WEAK ANCHOR?!) day of elementary school history.

But it's all fun and games at the...

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Sent May 9, 2013
Go Joe!

The Average Joe Expo hits this AC next weekend

Fancy dudes are all about fast cars, fast women and fast Internet cable modems. But Average Joe's are content with a beer and whatever public Wi-Fi network shows up...

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Sent May 1, 2013
Will run for beer!

Hash House Harriers run for boozy fun

Add in a social game and lots of booze and you can make any activity appealing.

Like Musical Chairs. And...

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Sent April 25, 2013
Bikes love this movie!

A movie theater you can get to with your two-wheeler

We don't often blast to the nation something happening in one city, but this was special enough to deserve a mention.

The good people at...

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Sent April 2, 2013
Hit first, ask questions later

International Pillow Fight Day hits April 6

Sometimes people do unexplainable things, like watch American Idol or get neck tattoos.

But we like spontaneity that's fun and warrants weird looks in...

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Sent March 19, 2013

Get a personal Bob Ross at the Painting Takedown

The late Bob Ross is once again helping artists transform blank canvases into gold (or actual artwork).

The Painting Takedown will feature...

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Sent March 14, 2013

Rebel Bingo wreaks havoc on the traditional game at the Gramercy Theater

Bingo is commonly known as the most boring ever game played by your grandma and her toothless buddies.

But since this is New York City, we're going to throw in some degenerates, strobe lights, heavy petting and recreational drugs to make it much, much better!

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Sent March 13, 2013
Urban 'warfare'

Join the Red or Black Army and conquer New York

The year is 2013. Red War has reached the streets of Manhattan, and it's time to pick a side.

Because the unicycle-riding hipsters, Prada launderers and deposed European barons infesting the...

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Sent March 6, 2013
Darth Night Rising?

Ride the rails with the Darth Vader and Spiderman

It takes a lot to turn heads in New York City.

And while dancing monkeys and Harlem Shake flash mobs might not get a second glance, we bet...

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