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Sent July 9, 2014

6 medieval ways to kill time while waiting for season 5

Westeros Withdrawal: It’s the disorder that strikes millions of Games of Thrones fans each time the show...

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Sent April 15, 2014

Massive toy sword fight comes to Central Park

Modern living has its advantages. We now have amazing things like indoor plumbing, immunization and sporks! Though modernity...

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Sent April 3, 2014

Pummel people with bedding, anywhere

Who hasn't had a pillow fight fantasy? Whether it's a sorority squabble or just pummeling your boss, we've all...

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Sent August 28, 2013
*Soap not included

Pack a punch with this high-tech punching bag

Everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club. But it's a lot easier to keep mum—and a lot less painful!—when you fight against yourself...

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Sent May 14, 2013
Get octagoned

Mixed martial arts finally gets officially sanctioned bout in New York State

Imagine if you could go back in time and watch the first boxing match in Madison Square Garden in 1925 – the cigar smoke, the cool clothes, the blood flying and staining your bowler hat...

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Sent April 29, 2013
Get ready for the octagon!

Train like a UFC fighter at this NYC gym

We can't say we've ever wanted to be on the bad end of an old fashioned UFC face smash.

But we CAN say we'd...

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Sent April 2, 2013
Hit first, ask questions later

International Pillow Fight Day hits April 6

Sometimes people do unexplainable things, like watch American Idol or get neck tattoos.

But we like spontaneity that's fun and warrants weird looks in...

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Sent February 28, 2013
Sweep the leg?

Watch Olympic-caliber grappling in the heart of Manhattan

The dopes at the International Olympic committee recently decided it might be a good idea to drop wrestling.

But even if they ditch...

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Sent February 6, 2013
Thai Van Dammes

New York's only casino hosts muay thai fights

What's better than watching two supremely talented fighters knee each other repeatedly in the face? Watching two supremely talented fighters knee each other repeatedly in the face and gambling!

To fill your blood lust and our love of lady luck...

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Sent December 11, 2012
You know Sly is taking this one over-the-top.

Show your strength at the Arm Wrestling Championships

An arm wrestle will always separate the strong from the weak, the winners from the losers and the people who vigorously exercise one arm daily from those that don't.

Settling the score once and for all (at least, for the year 2012) is the 35th Annual Empire State Arm Wrestling Championships.

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