fighting - Blood, Sweat & Cheers

  • Boxing Training for Grown Ups


    We know: you coulda' been a contender. Really.

    So step into the ring and prove it at a sports fantasy camp that encourages you to punch...


  • Amateur Boxing in Brooklyn

    Dumbo Fight Night

    Boxing matches didn't always involve glittering casinos and spiky-haired promoters. At its roots, the sweet science was a blue-collar sport practiced in dingy gyms or down by the docks (where gloves were optional).

    Revisit the sport's raw brutality at Dumbo Fight Night, an amateur boxing showcase of New York's toughest brawlers...

  • Battle of the Badges at MSG

    Whether it's helping waterlogged Sandy victims or posing for sexy calendars, New York City cops and firemen lead busy and important lives.

    So we're glad both agencies can take the time out to beat...

  • Bedroom Games

    Sometimes people do unexplainable things, like watch American Idol or get neck tattoos.

    But we like spontaneity that's fun and warrants weird looks in...

  • Cardboard Tube Fighting League

    Short of a Game of Thrones marathon, it's difficult to exercise your passion for medieval warfare in a safe and fun environment.

    But take a trip to Williamsburg's McCarren Park and you just might get your...

  • Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers

    If Hillary Clinton's run for President of the United States cracked the glass ceiling, the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers is going over the top and smashing through the roof.

    A national not-for-profit, CLAW...

  • Cops Vs Firefighters

    NYPD vs FDNY in the ring

    Nothing gets our civic pride raging (RAGING!) like bloated bureaucratic institutions proving toughness through violence!

    Is there really beef between the FDNY and the NYPD?...

  • Game of Thrones Skills: Learn to Joust

    Westeros Withdrawal: It’s the disorder that strikes millions of Games of Thrones fans each time the show...

  • Heavyweight Boxing in NYC

    The Sweet Science of Jumbotrons

    Fans of the sweet science have been boxed out by MMA.

    But Times Square is about to host an event that will remind New Yorkers that boxing is...

  • International Pillow Fight Day

    Who hasn't had a pillow fight fantasy? Whether it's a sorority squabble or just pummeling your boss, we've all...

  • Kickboxing in New York City

    What's better than watching two supremely talented fighters knee each other repeatedly in the face? Watching two supremely talented fighters knee each other repeatedly in the face and gambling!

    To fill your blood lust and our love of lady luck...

  • MMA in NYC

    Imagine if you could go back in time and watch the first boxing match in Madison Square Garden in 1925 – the cigar smoke, the cool clothes, the blood flying and staining your bowler hat...

  • Muay Thai in NYC

    Fight night in church

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gosh, you know what this Muay Thai match could use — more elbows to the face"?

    Then you're in luck!

    The 15th year of Friday Night...

  • Mutant Monster Wrestling

    Live monster movie wrestling

    Since Godzilla's first attack in 1954, gigantic kaiju (literally, "strange beasts") have caused so much destruction that a commission was formed to save Japan — and the world!

    Today, thanks to the Kaiju Regulatory Commission, these mutant monsters channel their destructive energy into a more productive, and entertaining, activity. Namely, cage-match monster wrestling...

  • NBC Fight Night in BK

    When Mike Tyson took a healthy chomp out of Evander Holyfield's ear, we should have known boxing was on its way out.

    But the new NBC Sports Network is doing its damnedest trying to bring it back in...

  • NERF Sword battle

    Modern living has its advantages. We now have amazing things like indoor plumbing, immunization and sporks! Though modernity...

  • NYC Judo Championship

    The dopes at the International Olympic committee recently decided it might be a good idea to drop wrestling.

    But even if they ditch...

  • NYC Roller Derby

    We at BSC abhor violence.

    But we can make an exception if it's on roller skates... or in a Mad Maxian dystopian future where Kangaroos...

  • NYC's Muay Thai Fight Camp

    Fitness Fight Camp in Central Park

    The first rule of fight camp: feel free to talk about fight camp.

    The second rule of fight camp: enjoy the scenery.

    Muay Thai and kickboxing may be ugly blood sports -- what with the flying elbows, loose teeth and all -- but it doesn't feel that way when you're kicking butt in Central Park...

  • Rumble on the River

    Friday Night Fights is one of our favorite slices of New York City brutality (next to the underground hot dog vender fight clubs…but we can't talk about that).

    So we're seriously psyched...

  • Snowball Launcher

    Finally - a weapon for everyone!

    Never bring snow to an ice-ball fight.

    We all know the playful dusting that starts every snowball war ends with rock-hard weapons of icy destruction...

  • Strong Arm

    An arm wrestle will always separate the strong from the weak, the winners from the losers and the people who vigorously exercise one arm daily from those that don't.

    Settling the score once and for all (at least, for the year 2012) is the 35th Annual Empire State Arm Wrestling Championships.

  • The Boxer's Workout


    Boxers may be in better shape than any athlete (PGA Golfers included).

    That's because the sweet science demands relentless energy, lightning reflexes and power.

    So instead of pounding it out in a dusty gym, check out...

  • The Nexersys Home Boxing Gym

    Everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club. But it's a lot easier to keep mum—and a lot less painful!—when you fight against yourself...

  • Toughest Heroes

    World Fireman games

    If putting out deadly blazes and shaking down perps were Olympic sports, New York City's badge men would win gold.

    And now, thanks to the World Police and Fire Games, we can prove to the world that our police and fire departments...

  • UFC Gym in NYC

    We can't say we've ever wanted to be on the bad end of an old fashioned UFC face smash.

    But we CAN say we'd...

  • Workout Like a Warrior

    It's only after you've lost everything that you are free to warrior anything.

    Or something...

  • XARM Fighting League

    What if we told you a new sport incorporated all the sweaty man-grappling action of MMA with the tension and drama of arm wrestling?

    You'd probably call the crazy police on us and be all..