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Sent March 18, 2015
nyc best spring rides

Doesn't feel like it today, but Spring is almost here. (IT BETTER BE!) These upcoming rides are the perfect way to enjoy the weather without fending off cabbies and tourists.

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Sent March 9, 2015
north face endurance challenge

Ready to test your stamina, sense of direction and ability to avoid poison ivy? From 5ks to 50-milers, this race series has some of the best trail runs in North America.

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Sent February 25, 2015
Big Agnes mtnglo tents

Ambient LED lights built right into the shell make Big Agnes mtnGLO tents the best improvement to camping since s'mores. But we're still afraid of bears!

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Sent February 11, 2015

Coming soon to the United States, the world's first self-contained training facility where you can run everything from a triathlon to a jetski.

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Sent January 29, 2015

Best parks and hills for speedy, snowy spills

The Great Blizzard of 2015 (thankfully) didn't pack a huge punch in NYC. But the parks have enough snow to speed down hills on a sled...or "accidentally borrowed" fast-food tray.

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Sent January 23, 2015
AirDog GoPro Drone

When you think "AirDog", you might picture the creature from NeverEnding Story, but this is your own personal GoPro camera drone. And luckily it's not as judgmental as Falcor.

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Sent January 5, 2015
Camp No Counselors Winter Camp

This coed, adults-only camp brings back the fun nostalgia of being a kid while holding tight to the finer things in life, like playing with fire and drinking alcohol. And this time it's a snow day!

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Sent October 17, 2014

Pat's Backcountry brew makes it easy to brew your own beer wherever you are: camping, hiking, hang-gliding...okay, maybe not the last one. But is it any good? We taste test it for you!

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Sent October 1, 2014

The beach may be closed for the summer, but there are other ways to get your vitamin D. Get outdoors with Oktoberfest celebrations, boozy hikes and an interactive corn maze outside the city this fall.

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Sent September 29, 2014

If you think the best thing about fall is pumpkin-flavored beer, well, you're right. But the second best thing is trail running. Here are 5 pro tips from ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes to make the most of your run.

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