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Sent August 28, 2014
Sent August 25, 2014

The average Labor Day Weekend getaway involves several traffic delays, one alcohol-aided injury and one ridiculous purchase...

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Sent August 15, 2014

A music and adventure weekend festival in the Tri State area with free giveaways

Typically, the only things music festivals have to offer are hard drugs, sunburn and bladder-bursting bathroom lines. But the Campfire Outdoor...

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Sent August 1, 2014

These backpacks double as coolers

Hiking sounds like a great idea...until you've reached the summit, drenched in sweat, and—OMG you're out of...

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Sent July 24, 2014

Trail Master Killah run is a 5k race through the forest in the Bronx

Stop pretending that subway rumblings and car honking sound like nature. And stop calling this city a...

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Sent July 10, 2014

This race series swaps man-made obstacles for natural ones

Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashes and ROC Races may have a niche in the obstacle-racing world, but they've...

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Sent July 7, 2014

Discover hiking trails, cycling routes and easy getaways 

If the most outdoorsy thing you've done this summer is drink on a roof deck or stare at the...

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Sent June 27, 2014

5 high-end outdoor adventure products for the not-so-outdoorsy

Attention outdoor skeptics: We’re here for you! We understand why some people hate camp food and...

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Sent June 17, 2014

Visit nature by hiking Old Croton Aqueduct and Camp Smith Trail

Imagine silence. Gone are the wafting smells of street meat, the ruckus of cars and guys in suits yelling...

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Sent June 17, 2014

This campout combines horror, adventure and the great outdoors

For some sensitive souls, watching Ghost Dad with the lights off is about as much scare as they can handle...

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