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Sent January 22, 2014

Best parks and hills for speedy, snowy spills

Stop planking right now! That beach body workout can wait till we see weather that's a little more...

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Sent November 7, 2013

A new portable system turns water into beer!

Beer is roughly 95 percent water.

(Yes, even beer that isn't Coors Light!)...

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Sent September 12, 2013
smash, smash, smmma-mash!

Play Super Smash Brothers in the park

Things not typically associated with each other? Self-respect plus a Kardashian, or the outdoors plus video games.

But now, they too can experience fresh air and benefits of sunlight with...

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Sent August 5, 2013
A biker test out the new Brooklyn Bike Park

Williamsburg has opened the borough's first mountain bike park

In New York City, just biking to work without suffering significant head trauma is considered an accomplishment.

But if you want to become skilled at more than just returning the middle finger to taxi drivers and jaywalkers....

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Sent August 1, 2013
Born to ride

Bike the nation's only all-urban 100 miler

If you bike in any of the boroughs, you know there are two types of New Yorkers: cyclists and people who narrowly avoid hitting cyclists.

So to give cyclists their day...

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Sent July 30, 2013

Oru Kayak saves space and sanity

If you're an avid kayaker, you've probably thought to yourself on more than one occasion: "Gee whiz! I really hope my clunky kayak doesn't...

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Sent June 20, 2013
photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

New York City's only adventure course is free on Sundays!

Corporate teambuilding can be more awkward than Kanye West at a Ray J concert.

But it doesn't have...

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Sent May 31, 2013
Whatever motorfloats your boat

A personal boat...canoe...thing?

Sometime you just really want to get your kayak on but without all that annoying paddling, you know?

And for times like that, you've got...

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Sent April 25, 2013
Bikes love this movie!

A movie theater you can get to with your two-wheeler

We don't often blast to the nation something happening in one city, but this was special enough to deserve a mention.

The good people at...

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Sent April 24, 2013
bear mountain race

Pick your distance at this two-day endurance event

Though runners are collectively crazy, there's a difference between a few untied laces and people who say things like "kale for breakfast" and "just a 5k"...

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